Health & Safety

Our Health And Safety Policy


It is the philosophy of DARROCH INSULATION SERVICES LTD to do all that is possible to prevent injury and damage to property and to protect everyone for potential hazards.

The Company is responsible for the following: – Providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions. To provide and maintain adequate plant and equipment necessary for safe working conditions. Ensuring that all necessary training and safety equipment is available to each employee. To comply with all Government legislation and accepted Codes of Practice to the minimum standards of Health & Safety. For the constant interest in Health & Safety matters and displaying a good example in safety behaviour.

The Employee is responsible for the following: – To work efficiently and safely. For using the Protective Equipment made available by the Company in a safe and correct way. To report accidents to the Supervisors/Site Manager as appropriate. Adhering to all Company procedures relating to Health & Safety matters.

The Company undertakes to allocate responsibilities for the Health & Safety at all levels within the workplace. Responsibilities are allocated as follows: – Contract Director is responsible for developing and implementing the Safety Policy and ensuring that all issues are communicated throughout the organisation. Site Director is in charge of the site and responsible for the safe methods of work. Also, the Site Director is in charge for checking for potential hazards and eliminating them where possible.

Good communications with operatives and their representative must be maintained. Any accidents or dangerous occurrences must be reported immediately. Checks must be made of Sub-Contractors Safety Policy and commitment to Company Safety Policy (where applicable). Supervisory personnel on site are responsible for ensuring safety methods of work are carried out, protective clothing is worn by all and that plant and equipment is checked. Employees must act responsibly and safely. They must use safe methods of work at all times so as not to endanger themselves or others.

DARROCH INSULATION SERVICES LTD ARRANGEMENTS 15/05/09 The Company refers to the following points for arrangements in implementing the safety policy: – All plant and equipment to be regularly maintained and inspected. Inspection to be recorded and records kept. Safe systems of work to be used at all times. Specific safety information on machinery and work processes to be referred to by all operatives.

Site Management is responsible for reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences on site. Protective clothing and safety equipment to be used when necessary. Any new machinery or work processes must be subjected to safety reviews and new safety precautions taken where possible. All employees should be aware of emergency procedures in the event of fire or explosion. All employees are to attend site training sessions and safety meetings as necessary. Regular safety inspections and reviews on Safety Policy to check its effectiveness will become common practice on site.

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Company Safety Policy and have understood its implications.